I am Simone Totaro, a Master student in statistics at Sapienza. I’m interested in understanding how learning works in humans and how to make it computationally feasible for more intelligent machines.
More specifically I like to work with machine learning methods that can approximate human skills like language and vision, or human behavior like imagination, fun or emotions.

I found in (deep) reinforcement learning methods, a natural fit for ’my interests. I've been experimenting with concepts like self-play, imagination, representational learning and option discovery. My agents are written in Tensorflow and hosted on GitHub with my science partner Manuel.

When I’m not trying to make smarter machines, I’m working with my business partners Gianluca and Nicolo, to help companies join the AI revolution at ai-academy.

My lifelong goal is to contribute to the quest for machine intelligence.
P.s. This is not my first life...